the System
Law Enforcement

That’s what system sees looking at your problem. Nobody cares about your business and interests. System just needs to keep everything within rules.


That’s what your lawyers can notice.

They care but only about one particular problem that you set. Is it enough for you?

The more difficult your situation is the more problems will occur, which nobody can predict and deal with.

Allies & resources
Adversary's interests & fears
Opportunities & prospects

That is what we catch looking at your business. Never focus at problem itself, see the whole situation: advantages, blind sides, goals. Yours and your opponent as well. We find all these parts and take as chances to redefine status quo.

Legal Insurgency
Informational Compulsion

Don't believe in promises of those, who rule the system. Incumbents are slow, cautious, bureaucratic, change-resistant. Their main goal is to preserve their power.

Acting like insurgents, we play offense, move faster, and welcome change as opportunity. Underdogs don't afraid to step into a fight when things are going against us.

Rebels take the risk and change the history.